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As a composer and producer this is the first time I've composed and released music that was for myself. These songs are a collection of old and new pieces recorded between 2017-2021 that mostly came from improvisations. I'm grateful to have had Nick Revel on viola to help bring out even more emotion from these pieces.
The mental block to get this music out was my biggest challenge, but I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully they elicit a good nap in the process.

Released January 28, 2022

Featured on Bandcamp's New & Notable -  January 31st

Performances by:
Nick Revel - Viola -
Bruno Serroni - Cello -
Saúl Guanipa - Guitars, piano

Produced and composed by Saúl Guanipa
Mastered by Brian Randazzo

Album Artwork by Andre Gruber -


VideoHelper Music + Sound Design Library is an independent boutique music library based in NYC. Attention grabbing music designed for short and long-form productions. 

These are some of my favorite selections of music composed as a staff composer. 


This music was composed for the 2019 contemporary dance performance "KAMA" by the Rovaco Dance Company in NYC. The show explores contemporary notions of sexual intimacy, desire, abuse, addiction, and connection.

Choreography: Rohan Bhargava in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Nico Gonzales, Anna Pinault, Alden Henderson,
Elise Pacicco, Jihyun Kim

Released April 19, 2019

Album cover by Jake Kruty -
IG: @retrogradestudiosnyc

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