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Anna Jo Beck is a young professional illustrator, printmaker and book artist, with influences from history, humor, and a never ending quest for knowledge and adventure. Currently, Anna serves as art director and designer for QRST's, a Boston based apparel printing company. Besides her creative services, Anna also sells her work on storenvy, and is also reviving her zine Biff Boff Bam Sock.

Pachy Sarmiento is an award winning graphic designer, animator and art director with over 10 years working both nationally and internationally. Her unique combination of business experience and technical skills allow her to combine both business development with technical applications. Pachy is also the founder of PINKYPUNK, a plush toy company based in Brooklyn, NY.


A Peruvian native living in NYC, Maria is a highly experienced Videographer, Field & Post Producer, and Editor, with a broad list of clients that include ​AOL, MTV Latin America, MTV3, MTV, and VH1​. Her freelance work extends to clients such as PROAUDIOSTAR, OLASUL, CLOSETXCHANGE, VMAGAZINE, FUSE, and LINKTV.

​Maria is also a video and performance artist, and you can see her latest work here entitled "Artists as Idols."

Venezuelan born Mike (Miguel) Centeno is an incredibly talented illustrator, designer, and comic artist. His work has been featured in Boston's Dig Magazine, and more recently in the 3x3 Illustration Directory of 2013. But you can find his best work by visiting one of his two blogs; Doug The Bot, and Futile Comix.

Having made its debut on June 2013, the long awaited Lust/Ape Magazine has hit the people of Jacksonville, FL with everything its got! What Can You Find In Lust/Ape?

ART/MUSIC/SHORTSTORIES/COMICS/ETC ! Don't think so? Why don't you be the judge by checking out issue 3 right here!

Sante Fe, New Mexico's Jared Baca is an exceptionally versatile composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, and mixer residing in Boston, Massachusetts. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Jared has recorded such acclaimed bands such as the Boston based neo-soul group The Love Experiment, and singer-songwriter Kim Mayo. His compositions have been commisioned and performed by the Sante Fe Youth Symphony and the Sante Fe Symphony. 

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